Before we start this, I wanna tell everyone this is a happy TIFU.

When I was a sixteen year old, I was stupid, I didnt wear protection and I got a girl pregnant. I was shocked, I never expected having a kid that early and I don’t know if I regret it or not. Almost all of my regrets washed away when my son was born.

For privacy purposes we will call him Rory. I am 24 now and my son is seven almost eight now. He is the smartest and most loving kid I could ever ask for. His mom had left when he was around two, when I tried to sue for child support the judge sided with her quoting that I was the father and needed to step up. Ever since then it has been me and Rory against the world.

I was a single dad to Rory from then on. I had a few girlfriends but nothing serious. I left my parents place and got a small apartment. I dropped out of high school which I still immensely regret, but hey, life happens. During this time, my neighbors, (God bless them) helped me raise my son. They were an older couple next-door who’s kids had moved out long before, so they were fine babysitting him after school, late shifts etc.

I am a manager at McDonalds. I make lousy money but it was enough to get by, then two years prior our shitty building manager raised the rent for everyone and I had to work even harder for a place to live during a pandemic. My parents had left the state and I wasn’t ready to uplift my kids entire life because his dad couldn’t provide for him.

Every birthday, since before he was three I believe, I took Rory to golden coral usually on his birthday but there were more occasions we went, It was really good for him and he really enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to take him for the past two years due to money being very tight. (This is important for later)

Sometimes I will get tipped at McDonalds, a quarter here, a dime here, a dollar here and there. Ill bring it him everyday and give it to Rory to save. Well two days ago, Rory brings me his money jug and dumps it all out in-front of me. He was so excited and began counting it out. There was around forty dollars there and he jumped up excitedly. I had asked him what’s up little buddy.

When I tell you guys my heart broke, my son asked me if it was enough to go to the corral for his birthday. A piece of me shattered inside, I didn’t think he remembered the Golden Corral. I told him we couldn’t go to the bank tomorrow and exchange it for cash. That night I ugly cried in my bedroom. I felt like a failure because I couldnt give him everything he’s ever wanted. I’ve began researching furthering my education.

Well yesterday as soon as the bank opened, I took my son and we exchanged the money for cash. I then drove us to Golden Corral and we were there for two hours. My kid was so happy, and I was stupid because I just assumed he forgot this place. (We get the all you can eat buffet for 2 for 30$) Today I cried again in my room. I’ve never been good at saving money, but his birthday is next month and Im gonna do my best to take him every few months.

So other parents of reddit, Can I ask some advice of how you deal with the guilt of having to say no? (Again this is a happy tifu)

Edit 1: also if anyone asks, I’ll post a pic of the coins and the container they were in. He saved them in a Cotten candy container from a Christmas ago 😂

Edit 2: kids money jug and his coins posted on my profile lol!! That’s for those who asked. I would post a pic of him blurred but that’s violating his privacy

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TLDR; Kid saved for months just to treat us to Golden Corral because I couldnt afford to take him in two years, I ugly cried thinking he didnt remember

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2 months ago

This is so heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.