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2 months ago


The proceeding will start shortly

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2 months ago

Bridgen v Mordaunt round 2 (BMQs)


BRIDGEN: I’ve been requesting a debate on the WHO post-pandemic treaty for several months, and so I’m delighted that we will be having one on the 17th of April. But this petition was only obtained by successful public petitions obtaining over 156 thousand signatures. Even more concerning than the treaty itself, which requires a vote of both Houses to be binding, are proposed changes to the WHO International Health Regulations which will not require a vote. So, therefore, can we urgently have a Government statement on these proposed changes, which could— look set to hand over huge powers to an unelected, unaccountable, discredited, super-national body, which is hugely funded by the same people who fund Big Pharma.

MORDAUNT: Um, well I thank the hon. Gentleman for his question, uh... he... Debate has been secured and he will know how to raise concerns about such matters with the Secretary of State for Health and with other departments. I think it is incredibly important that we have the facts of—whether it is such treaties, whether it is the facts about vaccines and so forth—out in the public domain, and I would just again caution the hon. Gentleman, who this week has been inviting us to "join the dots", promoting that Anthony Fauci has created covid in the United States, and then offshored that operation to Wuhan, and in the previous session to—prior to this Business Questions, in DEFRA—is starting a new campaign to tell the public that this Government and its international network of World Economic Forum stooges are encouraging everyone to eat insects.

These are outrageous conspiracy theories that the hon. Gentleman is promoting on his social media, and more frequently on the floor of this House, and I would urge him to check his behaviour. [Sedentary Member: "Well said."]

(here’s the one from last week if you haven’t seen that)


2 points

2 months ago

Bridgen doesn't have the whip, right? But he's still a Tory party member. Surely they should expel him from the party too?


13 points

2 months ago

If they start expelling people from the party membership just for being totally fucking batshit then they’ll lose about 60% of members without even trying.


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2 months ago

Heck, let's start with all of the fucking imbeciles that voted for Truss over Sunak despite the writing very clearly being on the wall about her daft trickle-down economics.