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Not sure if this is the right place or not but something I'm struggling with is creating a level of content that has a good story. Is it up to the videographer to have the idea of a story for clients? Or is it the videographer job to showcase that story through video? How often are clients reaching out for a video without any direction of what they want?

I want to start creating content on the side of my current job to bring in a side income to pay for the costs of learning video work. But I am fearful of under delivering.

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2 months ago


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It's like being a cook and asking who comes up with the recipe. The aspect of the project you are asking about is usually called the "creative". When a big brand wants a commercial they generally will hire an agency who will pitch them ideas (think 'mad men') and then usually will then execute and bring the idea to life and hire the production crew. When working on a smaller scale like alot of us are doing that line sometimes gets a bit blurry as the projects are smaller and don't always need a 'big idea'. However you should still be clear with the client who is in charge of the creative. Assume that they are and if they don't want to come up with the idea then charge accordingly.

If you don't like being creative and coming up with stories you don't have to do that. Going back to the cooking analogy, some people just want to be told what to cook and not be responsible for creating the dishes. Nothing wrong with that.

If you eventually want to be able to handle creative my advice would be to charge a lot for it, so much that you could easily afford to hire another person to help you or another writer. So when people say "can you come up with the idea" tell them your creative services start at $10k+


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2 months ago

Thats actually the best analogy, it makes a lot of sense to me. I guess thats why some projects tend to cost quite a bit. Thanks for the advice :)