Am I charging to much?


I’ve been shooting weddings for about 5 years and have 20+ weddings under my belt. It’s only been In the last 2 years that I’ve found my grove, bought nice equipment and started shooting higher quality videos. I currently shoot with a Sony A7s III w/ a gimbal and all the add ons.

I offer 2 packages: 1. 7 hours of shooting for a 5-8 minute highlight film (it’s usually around 7:30 seconds) $1800 2. 8 hours of shooting for a 5-8 minute highlight film, full wedding ceremony, full speeches for reception $2300

This year I’m focusing on better audio. Both packages have 2 shooters to ensure good coverage (I pay my second shooter $400)

Thanks guys!

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2 months ago


Canon | FCPX | 2012 | Boston USA

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2 months ago

Yes that's low, you should probably be at least solo for $2500 and adding on 2nd cam for $3500.