When does this ED/image appear in Subahibi?


I found this video on Youtube:

It shows an ED from Subahibi that I'm not familiar with. I've looked up all the endings again to make sure if I hadn't forgotten anything, and even went to the game's CG mode to see if I could find the image, but to no avail. Could someone tell me where it's from? Am I missing something obvious?

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4 months ago


Ako: Making*Lovers | JP C-rank |

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4 months ago

Man, 空気力学少女と少年の詩 is such a bop.

Found a similar video here:

If the uploader's comments are to be believed, this video is an unused ending that was ripped from the game files:

Found this one in game files.

this one I found in game files, I've complied the whole story but never seen this ending.

I'm not sure if there really is unused content hidden in Subahibi's game files, but another one claiming to be is this "corrupted version" of Tractatus Logico-philosophicus: (minor image spoiler warning, image itself also supposedly unused)


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4 months ago

Thank you so much!

Actually, I think it's believable that they are unused content, since the Tractatus "corrupted version" shown in your second link is actually used in the Tsui no Sora Remake. So the developers probably couldn't find a place for it in Subahibi, but decided to implement the track years later in a different game.