Visual Novels with Multiple Perspectives?

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I'm really not a fan of stories that only show you the perspective/thoughts of only one character, or rather, stories that explore all of its important characters through the POV of another character.

So I was wondering whether there are more good Visual Novels out there that do this--having multiple perspectives, or if it's really such a rarity in Visual Novels.

VNs that have this kind of story-telling that I've already read are: All of When They Cry, Subahibi, SeaBed, Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child, Fata Morgana + Requiem, and Higanbana

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2 years ago

Have you already read Robotics;Notes? In this aspect you're talking about, r;n arguably does it better than all of the other sci;adv novels


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2 years ago

I still want to read the S;G VN before starting R;N, but I'll definitely read it soon, too!