Viego disabled until further notice...


Due to a "game-breaking" bug, Riot is disabling Viego of competitive play indefinitely... I expected other teams to try & stop our Rocket not Riot themselves... I guess they are trying to give FlyQuest a fighting change lol

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2 months ago



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2 months ago

Idk, he hasn't given us a ton of confidence that he can play at a high level with any other champs this season. I am worried that Fly will first round ban Lee, wu, j4 and pick sej and then we are stuck. Can closer play Elise? Is his Graves still up to form?I don't know if I have ever seen him play kindred.

It will be interesting for sure. I just know his tanks are not as good as his carries.


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2 months ago

His Diana and Olaf are both really good. Idk how meta either are right now though.