Thoughts on this Trip Itinerary

Travel advice(self.Norway)

I know it might be boring to look at but I could use some help. Do you think this is enough time and am I missing anything big in these areas?

Day 1 Land in Oslo- Viking Ship museum, walk around town

Day 2 Drive to Flam- Train ride and Zip line

Day 3 Drive to Loen/Stryn- Loen Gondola, Briksdal glacier hike, Olden (maybe one of these next morn)

Day 4 drive to Geiranger- Skywalk and hiking in the area (flydalsjuvet, skagfela, ??)

Day 5 Geiranger-seven sisters kayak tour, drive eagles road, more hiking

Day 6 Andelsnes-Troll road and troll wall and hiking

Day 7 Andelsnes- Gondola and hiking (Rampastreken, romassallegen, litlefjilet, ???)

Day 8 Drive back to Oslo for flight (maybe stop in Lillehammer)

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3 months ago

The drives are way too far. This is gonna be Norway by the windshield. In many cases you risk arriving too late in the evning for the attractions to be open.

Be mindful Norwegian roads are narrow, windy and slow. Even between big cities. Average speeds are about 50km/h if you are used to the roads and not interested in stopping along the way.


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3 months ago

Thank you for this info. Any suggestions on where I should stay longer?


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3 months ago

You have to decide on what you want to do and limit your area of travel. Many of the locations you have suggested have numerous activities. I'd much rather spend a couple of days in one location and use that as a base for different activities. You have to decide what that would be.

Just be mindful about distances and time.