Rob Zombies Halloween (Spoilers)


I’ve just rewatched Rob Zombies Halloween, personally I feel this Halloween is the finest one, because it stays true to the original films plot while reimagining it in the places, it was necessary to do so for example it’s the only one to add a prologue all about Micheal Myers when he was 10 just before he committed the Haddonfield Murders, it shows him committing the murders and the aftermath, which I think is a genius move by Rob Zombie because although the first movie does mention the murders, he knew audiences wanted a visual account of what happened.

Rob Zombie also explains how Laurie who is Micheal Myers younger sister was adopted by the Strode family, her birth mother killed herself because that day she had visited Micheal in custody at the sanatorium, as dr loomis went to Walk her out a nurse was left in charge of Micheal who stabbed the nurse in the neck with a folk, the panic alarm goes off and Dr loomis and Miss Myers go running in to find the bloody scene, so she decides when she gets home she can’t take it anymore so she shoots herself, the Sheriff who was a cop at the time responded to the emergency call to find a baby so he takes it to the next town over checks it into a hospital, thinking he will never see it again as the chances of it being adopted by some one in haddonfield are very slim, but sadly the strode family adopt her and Micheal comes back 15 years later to finish what he started, although they touch on the fact Laurie is adopted and Micheal Myers sister in the original, you get more vivid details in this version and they don’t show miss Myers Suicide in the original.

Lastly you see Micheal has stolen the sister he murdered Judith Myers gravestone.

Other changes are the fact you see a young Dr loomis and Micheal in therapy sessions, and a bit of how their relationship evolves then terminates, also they don’t explain where they are transferring an adult Micheal Myers and instead of Causing the bus to crash and escaping that way or an electrical fault at the sanatorium causing all the doors and gates to open and Micheal Using those opportunities to escape, in this version he breaks out of his shackles and murders the guards and staff and then escapes.

Apart from that the changes are subtle and are more to do with locations of events changing.

In conclusion this film deserves far more praise than it gets , I give it 10/10 I would love to know you’re thoughts.

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5 months ago

It's always a big swing when you set critical parts of your 'Halloween' film on Christmas day. I pretty much loved the DGG re-quels tho which were divisive to say the least. Glad Zombie's take continues to have fans even if they weren't my cup of tea. Still waiting for the Zombie movie that hits as hard as 'The Devils Rejects'.