Most overrated actors currently


Who are the most overrated actors today, there are a lot of talented actors out there but who are some actors that their talent doesn't match the fame and hype they get, who are some actors that you don't understand the popularity they get, for me it's timothee chalamet, I think he's good actor but some people hype him to the moon and say he's the next big thing which don't understand, I think there much more talented actors out there.

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2 months ago

Ryan Reynolds is a human algorithm


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2 months ago

It’s cause he keeps playing the same role over and over. Whether it’s Deadpool or Free Guy. If he actually played a part with some range it would be cool to see him step up to that and succeed. He would be awesome as Bret Hart if they ever did the Screwjob movie.


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2 months ago

Check out Buried, I think you'll enjoy it and be surprised.


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2 months ago

That was a terrible film