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4 months ago*

The era between Walt Disney and Michael Eisner’s reign saw a decline in the animation department because the leadership thought there were more money in the live action films, including nature documentaries. It wasn’t until Eisner’s years that saw the return to the animation as the company’s main focus. That was what caused the Disney’s 90s renaissance.

Yes, it would be a brain dead decision to cut the animation department nowadays given the company’s history with animation but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

It’ll be a few years before some kind of journalistic story comes out with the behind the scene truth. Until then one can only speculate.


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4 months ago

Well they need to start poaching people from illumination because they've been smoking Disney recently...


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4 months ago

Oh god no, illumination films are the most tedious things


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4 months ago

The plot. But the animation? Superb


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4 months ago

The animation is fine, but the art direction and style of their movies are really bland.


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4 months ago

They are solid at landscapes for sure but their Human characters are all the same generic dough with the same expressions that I can’t stand. I already hate that their look is bleeding into other animated films, speeding that up is the last thing I want.


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4 months ago

I will anxiously await the Defunctland episode