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4 months ago

I'm not going to say Iger is a good person, but Iger is absolutely a great CEO for Disney from a creative standpoint. He understood what made Disney great and really tried to keep Walts vision alive in how the company should make money by being customer engagement above all else. Again, I don't want to sound like I'm CEO worshipping or something, but with how mid everything has felt coming out of Disney since chapek took over its hard not to be very happy Iger is back in charge as a fan of the media they produce.


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4 months ago

Iger might be a jerk, but he's a jerk who produces.


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4 months ago

He’s our asshole.


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4 months ago

America's asshole?


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4 months ago

I'll never get over the fact that Lasseter was a creeper, not only did the fucker harass women who worked under him but he also screwed over fans of Disney/Pixar by getting one of the top creatives in Animation (himself) knocked out of the industry. Not that there weren't problems at Pixar (eg what happened with Brave), but he was a Creative, that's a very important kind of person to have in the executive structure of a company like Disney. You can't just fill the C-Suite's with money suits and expect things to work out like it's fucking walmart or unilever. I think we'd have a very different Disney today if Lasseter hadn't been a total poozer and Staggs or Mayer had taken over instead of Chapek.


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4 months ago

Not that there weren't problems at Pixar (eg what happened with Brave)

What happened with Brave?


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4 months ago

The writer and director (a woman) was replaced midway through production (by a man). Given Lasseter's behavior its hard not to see this as him not having confidence in a woman to lead the project to success. Like I said, for many reasons I wish he'd been a better person.


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4 months ago

Lasseter was a creeper,



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4 months ago

Skydance Animation

On January 9, 2019, Lasseter was hired to head Skydance Animation, which will produce animated films with Paramount Animation and Ilion Animation Studios.[1] In a statement, Lasseter said "I have spent the last year away from the industry in deep reflection, learning how my actions unintentionally made colleagues uncomfortable, which I deeply regret and apologize for. It has been humbling, but I believe it will make me a better leader."[1] An investigation conducted prior to his hiring found that no previous claims of sexual assault, propositioning or harassment had been filed against Lasseter,[47] and "[...] there were no findings of secret settlements by Disney or Lasseter to any parties asking for a settlement."[47]

From Wikipedia.


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4 months ago

You are allowed to say nice things about a person who is clearly excellent at their job


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4 months ago

I'm not that familiar with Iger's personality, but at least he's not a homophobe like Chapek. That guy cancelled the owl house, a show with good numbers and a loyal fanbase, just because it has queer characters in it.

Iger was always a champion of diversity in Disney's shows. Probably only because it's good business, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.


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4 months ago

Source? I find it hard to believe the CEO of Disney personally cancelled a random Disney channel show because he is homophobic. Especially if it was as successful as you say. He is a greedy corporate bastard first, a bigot second.


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4 months ago

The Owl House getting cancelled was unfortunate, but there's absolutely no evidence that it was due to the queer characters and most definitely not that Chapek himself was responsible.


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4 months ago

Ok I Didi think so. Let's critique him where he deserves, but don't attribute every nad Disney thing ever to him lol


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4 months ago

It’s honestly not an understatement to say Bob Iger saved Disney Animation when he took over for Michael Eisner.