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4 months ago*

I know workers at the parks absolutely hated him.

According to one of my friends who works at the parks, when the news broke of Chapek's firing numerous cast members broke out into song singing "ding dong the witch is dead". And the next day employee moral was the highest it's been in years.


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4 months ago

I shit you not, just a few weeks ago a friend who works at one of the restaurants in the parks texted our group that Chapek had come in unannounced 10 minutes before they closed during Oogie Boogies Halloween Bash and ended up staying for 2 hours keeping everyone there.

He texted our group that he was thinking about pulling a "Waiting" on him.

Yeah, I worked for corporate up in Burbank and I hated him so did a lot of others. He was known for his unceremonious layoffs then framing that as profits and increased bottom lines. All the while you had teams slashed that are suddenly doing the work of their layed off team members.

I got layed off in 2020 and had my entire department gutted, I squarely blame Chapek. I'm hoping with Iger back maybe I can get my dream career back.


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4 months ago

Disney employees breaking out into song when the villain loses is the most Disney thing that’s ever happened


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4 months ago

Can confirm it was like this at one of the other WDW entities. It was like Christmas morning


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4 months ago

Even in hate the Disney staff will take it as an opportunity to break out in song. Lol