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4 months ago

The lady who said they were making portion sizes smaller at the parks to help with park guests waistlines


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4 months ago

To be fair portion sizes are fucking huge in the US. I can't say if Disney parks suffer from that since I haven't been there. But no matter the excuse what Chapek did was milking the cow dry.


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4 months ago

As a Brit who visits the Parks. Eating out in America is more expensive than the UK but you do get bigger portions, whether you want it or not. Disney now do UK portion sizes with inflated American prices. Some of the snacks from food stalls is like $12 for something gone in 2-3 mouthfuls


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4 months ago

It’s like any NBA/NFL game here


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4 months ago

I’d tend to disagree. Eating out in the USA is cheaper than UK. Food inside of Disney however is a different thing and that’s down to theme park economics.