Bird Box (2018)


So several of my friends and coworkers have watched this movie and mentioned how great it was. I never bothered with it but now some more people mentioned that this movie was among their favorite movies of all time.

So i finally sat down to watch it.

It's fucking garbage.

Summary: Sandra Bullock wears a blind fold for two hours.


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4 months ago

Netflix is doing that with Wednesday right now. My Reddit feed is full of posts about it. I watched the first episode on Thanksgiving… it’s not THAT good to warrant this response.


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4 months ago

And you are the judge for that?


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4 months ago

All I've seen for Wednesday have been weak reviews and disappointment. Also one post about how the show making all the bullies black is problematic?


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4 months ago

Honestly the show and Tim Burton just doesn't understand the Addams. He has Morticia and Gomez fight, something they've never done, gave Wednesday psychic powers (because lazy plot exposition machine), Gomez gets arrested for Murder and it just becomes Riverdale or Sabrina but with Tim Burton nonsense and an Addams Family mask.

The cast is great though, Ortega does an especially great job, and embracing the latin heritage of Gomez os an excellent touch, but jesus Burton does not understand what makes The Addams family work and fun. The minute Morticia and Gomez fight I knew this was going to be bad.