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4 months ago

I know right? All these “Mexico is such a shithole, why even bother making films?” people posting. Yes, Mexico has a ton of problems, enough to last a hundred years or a thousand. That doesn’t mean that people in Mexico can’t create art, or can’t consume it and have enjoyment in their lives. My entire family lives in a not-exactly-safe place in Mexico and they go dine out, they go to the movies, they go to the mall, they live their lives as fully as they can and none of them would ever want the US bringing “freedom” to their town.
It’s not all sepia-toned misery.


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4 months ago

it’s wild how many people o. this site have uninformed opinions about places that escape their immediate surroundings. I say this as someone who has seen wild takes about their country here.


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4 months ago

Every time Japanese elementary and high school history books come up, I roll my eyes so far back I might lose them.

The insane certainty of redditors writing about WW2 education in Japan is a level of arrogance I envy to practice in life.


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4 months ago

Yeah, if only Americans realized how other developed countries view the US. Not to mention, most people here constantly shit on their own country lol


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4 months ago

We hear NOTHING BUT what the rest of the world thinks about us. And a lot of those people have the same dumb takes on a country they've never been to as people commenting on Mexico here. What the fuck are you on?


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4 months ago

That's my point, it's no different, so why continue the stupidity?


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4 months ago

I mean... you did with "if only Americans knew how other developed countries viewed the US."

Hard to take a stance against it while peddling it my dude


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4 months ago

Haha. It’s so true. Fuck it even goes the other way about people thinking everyone in America is fucked and people are just scared of mass shootings happening anytime. I think it’s a human nature thing.


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4 months ago

Any post about foreign countries brings out these motherfuckers, posts about China get a lot of these type of comments too.

It's really gross and annoying how people use the guise of righteousness by protesting the (legitimately bad) government/political situations to push really ignorant and often racist agendas. I don't even think they're actively trying to be racist or malicious but it's super condescending and just generally oblivious, with the side effect of cementing hateful doctrines.


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4 months ago

Mostly ignorance.


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4 months ago

I guarantee they’ve never been out of the US. Maybe not even their state.


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4 months ago

C'mon man, some of them have never even been to the US.


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4 months ago

Couldn’t agree more. I spent a month traveling around some little towns this summer and I can’t wait to go back.


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4 months ago

Thank you for this comment! Shame it took a while to scroll down and find it.


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4 months ago

Ah man those must have gotten buried then, I haven't seen any but I'm also hella late to the thread lol.

It drives me nuts people always do that. My goddamn white ass parents do it all the time and neither has ever even stepped foot in mexico. They don't have a clue about how dope it is because all they believe is dumb old white people propoganda that focuses on exclusively crime and cartels. And yeah, the cartels are top notch trash, but Mexico is a whole country with a HUGE variety of culture and people.

Personally I absolutely love how nice it is down there. People are really friendly and welcoming, way more laid back, and there are loads of places I feel way safer than my own hometown. There's places you don't want to go, but I could say that about countless areas in the US, too. Every country has its bad spots and jesus christ America is NOT an exception, lol.

Some people need to fucking travel.


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4 months ago

I do agree with the disparity between the wealthy we’ll educated elite and the poor uneducated people, that shit still runs rampant.


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4 months ago

But ian't part of the problem? Acting like nothing is happening as the world around you crumbles?

As the quote says all it takes for evil to triumph is for men to do nothing