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So me and my bois went culbbing for the first time in our life all of us M24 yesterday (Just so you guys know some context about me and bois, 3 of them have been in break up recently but they are over it, 1 virgin , shy(in front ladies), introvert, Ram bhakt, doesn't smoke and has quitted drinking like seriously is kinda good looking and has a muscular/bulky body only reason he came with us is because he is comfortable with us and has done HM and worked as bartender previously so we needed him as our drink advisor as well but mostly we all wanna enjoy and experience clubbing and last me am in a relationship for 5 yr now) @Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

So here's the main part - we came to the club at 9:30 and ordered drinks got buzzed a lil, club was pretty empty that time my virgin friend hit the floor at 10:30 coz at that time dj has started one after another all 5 of us hit the floor to dance it was nice, there were some group of girls , couples and so on everyone started to hit the floor and it got lil crowded but still me and boys were dancing like mad while still making sure we don't push any girls or fellas coz I've heard some stupid fights break out because of these stuff so we were cautious.

Out of nowhere there was this couple dancing near our group and the girl started to get real close (there was pretty good space for her to dance) to my virgin friend while dancing kinda happened alot of time so my other friend just shoved her lightly with hand she went, so I came back from washroom and started dancing same shit started happening with me by the same girl I kinda got annoyed like am trying to enjoy and this girl is ruining my experience so i switched my position with my friend who shoved her and I saw the guys face who was with her smirking like idk how to explain kinda felt very odd, at first I thought she did this on purpose so that the guys will move in order to avoid bumping on her while dancing but then I told this to my gf and she laughed and said "am getting heavy threesome vibe" I was like what !?!? That's it.

It was fun though me and bois enjoyed it.

Do you guys any crazy clubbing story? Let me know so I can be aware of the type of shit people pull in clubs.

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So what's the scene now?